The Sacred Under Siege: Reclaiming Herbal Medicine from the Legacy of War on Drugs with Andrea Jácome

Herbalism & access to healing continue to get subjected to the legacies of colonialism and racism not only by corporations but also by the war on drugs. Through focusing on the history of the coca leaf in the context of Colombia, this workshop will take a look at the ways in which powerful sacred medicine has been under siege in the name of the war of drugs. The first portion of the workshop will be a presentation on how coca has been a site of economic and political violence that has displaced peoples’ relationship to medicine and land. In uplifting the struggles of cocaleros movement in the Andean region, the second portion of the workshop will conclude with the question: what is the role of the herbalist in the struggle against the war on drugs in the context of the US?

Andrea Jácome

Andrea Jácome

About Andrea:

Andrea Jácome is a Colombian-Ecuadorian herbalist, writer, and organizer born and raised in Atlanta living between Brooklyn and Philadelphia. In addition to various cultural organizing efforts local to Philadelphia, she has organized with School of Americas Watch-Equipo Sur and Taller de Paz, a transnational collective working with internally displaced families affected by the Colombian conflict outside of Bogotá, Colombia. In homage to her ancestral roots, she founded Cocarosa Apothecary in 2018. Find more information about her herbalism practice at:

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