Reclaiming Our Grandmothers' Journey with Conya Gilmore

Using breath work, movement and journaling to re-connect with our lineage of Grandmothers and recognizing past traumas to avoid re-creating them in the present/future.

During this workshop we will begin to reclaim and cast light onto the path of the first women/feminine presence in our lives. Our Grandmothers’ energies and experiences are transferred to us while they carry our mother within their womb. We will explore how our line of Grandmothers have inspired and shaped us in spirit and deed before our very first breath.

How can we honor and transmute the ways our bodies hold onto this joy/trauma. Ours? Our Grandmothers? Our Communities?

Conya Gilmore

Conya Gilmore

About Conya:

Conya Gilmore is a VA/NY based Herbalist, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Underground Quilter and Artist. Inspired by her Blue Ridge Mountain roots and strong community traditions in healing she founded Rising Rooted Yoga and Herbal Apothecary. She is passionate and committed to healing communities through plant medicine, yogic tools of the breath and movement. She encourages her clients to embrace their unique flow in life; nourishing their mind, body, and soul – on and off the mat.

Conya Gilmore offers retreats throughout the year in Virginia, Morocco, and Colombia. She is a graduate of Howard University, Instituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, and a Sacred Vibes Apothecary Apprentice with Karen Rose in Brooklyn, NY. Check her Instagram page for upcoming workshops and retreats: risingrooted.

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