Healing Childhood Trauma Through Healing Relationship With the Gut with Roxana Marroquin & Tiffany Monsalve

Roxana and Tiffany will explore the connection between brain, gut and trauma through a spiritual herbalism, scientific and personal narrative approach. They will guide participants through reflection and data around the significance of healing childhood trauma through healing gut health. They will cover how our gut is impacted during high stress situations in our childhood and how this affects our overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being throughout our lives. Furthermore, Roxana and Tiffany, will share which plant elders are supportive in healing childhood trauma and guide you through making your own medicine that will nourish your digestive and nervous system.

Roxana Marroquin

Roxana Marroquin

About Roxana:

Roxana Marroquin is a Level III graduate of Sacred Vibes Apprenticeship Program. Roxana first walked into SV Apothecary when 8 months pregnant after being referred by an alumnus of the program. Not only did she walk out with a bag of nourishing womb herbs, but also with a remembrance reignited in her blood. One year later, she began the journey of apprenticeship with Karen Rose.

Born in El Salvador, Roxana migrated to the US at age 8. Besides being a spiritual herbalist, she is a mom, art therapist and community gardener. Roxana’s herbalism is rooted in ancestral practices, community, and reverence for plants and the ways they communicate with us.

Roxana has facilitated multiple workshops with the SV community and in her own community. She is collaborator of a womyn of color healing circle in Hudson County, NJ, and has founded Agua de Jade Apothecary, an ancestral medicine product line.

Tiffany Monsalve

Tiffany Monsalve

About Tiffany:

It was during Tiffany’s last two years at TCNJ, that she was called to reconnect to her Indigenous roots through spiritual ceremonies, plants, and research. Upon completing her bachelor’s, Tiffany was inspired to exist and create in ways that honored her ancestors, mother earth, her community and moreover, herself. Experiences with magic, shaped Tiffany’s interest in pursuing wellness through a spiritual/ ancestral approach. To Tiffany’s surprise, Karen Rose’s Sacred Vibes Apprenticeship Program was the very next step she was looking for. Today, Tiffany is a S.V. level 3 graduate.

In addition to being a spiritual herbalist, Tiffany Monsalve, enjoys singing, dancing, writing, the outdoors, physical activities, and travel adventures and having heart to heart conversations with the people whom she loves as well as collaborating with visionary womyn of color. Tiffany Monsalve is the founder of, Divine Origins Apothecary, an herbal line that nourishes spiritual and physical well-being.

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