Yoga and Herbs: For Self, Community and Humanity with Susana Montesinos

Give Gratitude, Create Balance, Reclaim Indigenous Healing, Nourish the Body and Honor Yoga: An Ancient Spiritual Practice that Originated in India as a Means to Enlightenment

In this hour of healing yoga practice, we will honor our bodies in relationship to roots, plants and the land; she nourishes our collective hearts & minds, asking for nothing in return. We will begin with a community ritual, Earth Ceremony or “Ayni (reciprocity) Despacho,”  giving gratitude to Mother Earth and creating balance within ourselves and therefore the world.

Pachamama supports us as we hold the pain of many generations in our bodies. The ongoing imbalances of systemic oppression: white supremacy, xenophobia, cisheteropatriarchy, and colonialism, create and reinforce histories of trauma for POC and LGBTTQQIAAP. The state of the country threatens to deplete our energy and discourage us, yet I believe that we will win. We’ll begin to do so by nourishing and replenishing our bodies through breath, meditation and yoga asanas; honoring the practice of yoga as an inclusive, respectful, authentic and accountable cultural exchange. Together we will reclaim our ancestral medicine making practices by creating an herbal bath salt mix and/or an herbal tea blend.

To participants: For the Ayni Despacho/Earth Ceremony, please bring an item that you don’t mind leaving behind and offering to mother earth such as (yellow or any) candles, plants, stone, flower, animal carving, pictures, sugar or sweets, corn and/or other grains, coca leaves (or whatever herbs or small leaves are readily available), flowers, incense, paper or “play” money, salt, feathers, beans, colorful yarn, and any other item that is significant to the occasion. Give serious thought about what you’d like to reciprocate after all you’ve received from mother earth because the intention is more important than the item. Bring your own yoga mat and props if you have them, though some mats and props will be supplied. Please arrive 15 minute early to set up your mats so that we may begin on time.

Susana Montesinos

Susana Montesinos

About Susana:

Susana identifies as a Peruvian, mestiza, mixed race (Indigenous, African, Central Asian), cis female and social worker. She is recently a transplant from Brooklyn to Philly. Susana is an empathic and heartfelt yoga teacher that fosters a welcoming space. Her goal is to create a sweet, fervent, safe and meaningful practice where students can build strength on and off the mat and go inward, cultivating self realization and nourishing the goddess within. Her yoga classes support healing intergenerational trauma through self care, they also forge connection to the land, and promote social justice while resisting systemic oppression: white supremacy, xenophobia, cisheteropatriarchy, and colonialism. Susana completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu in MA and joined the Yoga Alliance in 2018; she has been practicing yoga and meditation for 18 years. Susana studied Herbal Medicine level I at Boston School of Herbal Studies, then completed levels II & III at Sacred Vibes Apothecary with Karen Rose. Additional trainings include: The Interdependence Project Metta/Lovingkindness Meditation Teacher Training; Reiki Level I and II @MINKA Brooklyn; Ackerman Institute for the Family: Foundations in Family Therapy Certificate Program; she is an Aboriginal/Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy (AFOT/IFOT) coach in training and currently Susana is at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, completing her PhD in Counseling and Family Therapy. Susana’s therapy private practice is located in Herald Square, NYC and she currently offers fee based yoga classes in Philly.

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