Loving and Living my Lineage - Connecting to my Ancestry through Womb Space with Melissa Lisette

We will explore how we can connect and honor our ancestors and lineage, especially when our stories have been lost. We will draw, meditate and make yoni steams with ancestor plant allies to facilitate one practice of connection and healing in and through womb space. All are welcome.

Melissa Lisette

Melissa Lisette

About Melissa:

Melissa Lisette is a cultivator of self empowered wellness through herbs, reiki, craniosacral therapy and flower essences. The journey toward emotional freedom, self compassion and self love is the drive behind her work; supporting liberation from internal limitations that may be holding you back from claiming the richness of your full self. Her ancestors hail from Puerto Rico, Panama, and Europe, and she currently practices in the lineage of her teachers, Karen Rose and Jacqueline Rolandelli.

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