Flower Essences for Freedom Fighters: Supporting those at the forefront of the human liberation movement.

Our social justice fighters, our educators, our body workers, our sisters and brothers - the majority of whom are people of color - those fighting for others under the constant criticism and literal threat of the public eye - who supports them? Young ones are choosing to end their lives, giving their very blood to a cause that can seem overwhelming and unattainable. What support as a community can we/do we provide?

We will discuss self care practices centered around emotional protection and the importance of healing in community. We will talk about the notion of self sacrifice v self love. We will discuss what being an ally to people of color, indigenous peoples and the lgbtqx community can look like in people’s respective communities. I will provide several essences and their properties and folks can make their own custom blends to take home.

Presenter  Melissa Lissette

Presenter Melissa Lissette

About Melissa:

I am an Herbalist, Flower Essence practitioner & Reiki Master with 17 years of practice. My ancestors from Puerto Rico, Panama, France, Spain and Ireland merged into the being that is me. I am a culmination of all of these - my teachers, ancestors, guides, life experiences and study. My goal and the drive behind my work is to support our journey toward emotional freedom, self compassion and self love; because if one of us is suffering, we are all suffering.



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