Intuitive Plant Drawings with Tiffany McKelvy

In this workshop, you will learn to connect with plants in a new and deeper way. Through creating artistic renderings of plants, you will learn more about the doctrine of signatures and the ways in which plants communicate with us. You will leave with your own drawing and, if you listen closely enough, a direct message for you from the plant itself.


About Tiffany:

Tiffany is an activist, Sacred Vibes Apprentice, and perpetual student of Mother Earth. The truth is that they are one in the same and all of her healing work centers on this fact. With Karen’s guidance, Tiffany has been able to reconnect with her ancestors and begin the journey of living her purpose. She has recovered her passion for nature and art, beginning the process of using the energy of both to deepen her spiritual practice. It is because of this that she has bloomed into a vessel that can carry her gifts and the gifts of her ancestors and, in turn, put them on paper to share with the world.

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