Sojourn to Yonda': Herbal Healing & Majick in the Southern Tradition with Zaria Poem

Sojourn to Yonda': Herbal Healing & Majick in the Southern Tradition. Sojourn to Yonda' will be an herbal majick exploration through space and time. Participants will journey over yonda' (yonder) to the American South and learn of its beautiful and mystic herbal healing practices. 

In this medicine making ritual, we will honor all ancestors, especially those once physically enslaved, whose herbal knowledge and ingenuity particularly informs this theme. 

This workshop will centralize Southern herbs and their varied uses for both physical health and spiritual majick. Sojourn to Yonda' is an offering in and of its self to the Great Guides whose love and protection is unwavering-- those who "keep" us and provide blueprints for resiliency in all areas of our lives. 

Presenter:  Zaria Poem

Presenter: Zaria Poem

About Zaria:

Zaria Poem is the founder of Ripe Moon Healing Arts, a multifaceted venture that encompasses plant medicine, doula, Reiki and visual art healing modalities. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, a central component of her many offerings are rooted in Southern and Indigenous Afrikan traditions. Her journey to rediscover these traditions are powerful catalysts in re-membering -- physically, mentally and spiritually for both herself and her clients.  

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