The Alchemy of Joy: Transmuting Fear Through the Connection to the Heart with Anjanee Wilson and Alicia Reap

Many are afraid to walk the journey to healing and living their truth as it requires one to face their deepest fears, confess their hidden truths, and surrender to the unknown. In this interactive workshop participants will learn how we can work through fear of the unknown and embrace life as a joyous adventure.

Lei and Anjanae will explore how we can transmute fear into a love-based reality through renewing and aligning the connection to heart. We will define fear, examine how it may speak to you, and uncover the ways that we can connect to the heart through plant medicine and reiki.

Presenters Anjanee Wilson (right) and Alicia Reap (left)

Presenters Anjanee Wilson (right) and Alicia Reap (left)

About Presenters:

Anjanae is a Level III Sacred Vibes Apprentice from Southeast Texas with roots in Southwest Louisiana. Her studies through the SV apprenticeship have led her to embark upon an amazing journey to self-love and an alchemical spiritual and physical transformation, and she intends to share the wellspring of joy and blessings within her with those who are ready for healing. She has recently established Rose Gold Alchemy, an herbal healing line that will center self-love, pleasure and personal transformation.

Lei is a mystic being, witch, & Level III Sacred Vibes Apprentice who has created her own paradigm of consciousness and awakening through her psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience which led to the creation of MysticFairie Apothecary! Her journey of awakening is a lifelong process and she has been sent here to bring light to darkness and flow to all things stuck or disinherited through spiritual herbalism, intuitive energy healing, astrology, tarot, &,  akashic record readings. Her intention in each session is to bring clarity to all areas of your physical, mental, and emotional states of being while also raising a vibration of love and inner peace with meditation, intuitive practices, elemental magic, and of course the help of spirit & nature.

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