Vibrational Botanical Waters with Maya Robinson

Botanical aromatics is a natural uplifter. Up until now, our collective conscious needed uncomfortable situations in order for us human beings to grow spiritually. But I personally feel this era might be coming to an end, as more and more of us wake up to the fact that it does not need to be this way. By filling ourselves with the energy of love and joy for all things, we are able to create less space for the negative energies to influence us. Botanical waters is an easy and effective way to shift our energies and stay in the higher vibration in our every day life, and I believe it is a great gateway for a paradigm shift towards a more joyous life.

Presenter:  Maya Robinson

Presenter: Maya Robinson

About Maya:

My work centers around the water element and my Japanese roots. I was always interested in the healing properties of water as a child. My grandfather was a strong influence who insisted the family to go on a hot spring tour every year. Every place, the water had different elements and minerals in them that made their energy and medicinal action very different which fascinated me. Today I am a small batch botanical water distiller exploring the spiritual benefits of the botanical waters in our everyday healing.

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